Azita Sassanian is an Iranian artist, currently living in Sweden. She has studied art and architechture at the University of Oregon, and graphic design at Bergs School of communication in Stockholm. Azita´s style is the result of her experiments with different art forms; a search for finding a common language. Her art is personal but at the same time takes up existential questions. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter there is a  sublime undertone of humor in her art which creates unexpected irony.


Lilla gallery - Tommarps Kungsgård- 2018

Gallery Sjöhästen- Nyköping- 2017

JÄGER & JANSSON Gallery- Lund- 2017

Gallery Pictor- Munka Ljungby - 2016

Moment Gallery- Ängelholm- 2014

Edsviks Konsthall, Gallery Uno-Stockholm- 2013

The Swedish printmakers association- Stockholm 2013

Gallery Pictor-Munkalljungby-2012

Krapperup Art Gallery-  2011

Klippan Art Gallery-2009

Hantverk Gallery-Stockholm-2008

Vens Culture Center- 2006

Gamla Stan Gallery- 1996

Vikingsberg museum- 1995

University Of Oregon- Eugene- 1985

Member of Artists Organisation, KRO, the Craftsmen and Designers Organisation, KIF and Graphic Artists Collective Workshop, KKV.